lesson 4: pointlessly preoccupied

Lesson 4: These thoughts do no mean anything

Lesson 4: These thoughts do not mean anything

These thoughts do not mean anything. They are like the things I see on this porch.

1. “do not begin with the idea for the day, begin with noting the thoughts that are crossing the mind for about a minute. Then apply the idea to them.

4. “In using my thoughts for application of the idea for today, identify each thought by a central figure or event it contains; for example:

This thought about no money does not mean anything.

It is like the things I see on this porch.

5. I can also use the idea for a any other particular thought that I recognize as harmful. I must not examine my mind for more than a minute or so.  I am too inexperienced as yet to avoid a tendency to become pointlessly preoccupied.

6. Further, since these exercises are the first of their kind, I find the suspension of judgement in connection with thoughts particularly difficult.


“Do not condemn, therefore, all that you would call ‘bad’ in the world.  Rather, ask yourself, what about this have I judged ‘bad’ and what, if anything you wish to do to change it.”  Conversations with God pg 32 N.D. Walsch

Journal entry:

As we give our trust to the experience, we ask for


We look neither ahead nor backwards.

We look straight into the Present.


A. To Have, Give All to All

“Project the opposite of these mistakes: retaliation, abandonment, attack and rejection.

“An insane learner learns strange lessons.

“All good teachers realize that only fundamental change will last, but they do not begin at that level.

B. To Have Peace, Teach Peace to Learn It

2:2 Strengthening motivation for change is their first and foremost goal.  At this point the equality of having and being is not yet perceived.

Allow the Holy Spirit (aka: feelings) to decide

for God for you.


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